Elementary & Junior High

Bethel Baptist School begins the formal process of building a strong, complete foundation to support a lifetime of growth and learning in the Elementary grades.  Students grow in academic skills, social understanding, biblical knowledge, and independence in studies.

The afore mentioned areas of focus continue to be built upon in the Junior High classes.  Students not only receive the continuing advancement of academic skills, but are also taught to understand the importance of personal character, responsibility, and maturity.

Learning occurs in a nurturing, challenging, and affirming Christ-centered environment using instructional methods suited for varied learning styles.  Students enjoy a deep and innovative academic program that includes Bible, math, spelling, English grammar, creative writing, history, and science.  Both programs are enriched with music, art, library skills, and physical education.

Vital thinking skills that examine academics and life experiences from a Biblical perspective are promoted.  All subjects are framed in Biblical truth and challenge students to use their God-given abilities to glorify Him.

Elementary & Junior High teachers are highly qualified and participate regularly in professional development opportunities.  They embrace a Biblical model for instruction and discipline as they instruct our students and equip them with the skills needed for future service in God’s kingdom.